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      Season Length: 14 Weeks
      Season Start: July 7, 2022
      Available in: Two sizes
      Pickup day: Thursdays
      Pickup Lotions: 13 YEG & Area

      14 weeks of the freshest veggies grown right here in Edmonton, delivered weekly!

      We partner with awesome lol businesses who?share our values and re about building Edmonton’s food economy.

      These partners act as pick-up lotions for your CSA bounty. Each Thursday you get to visit our friends closest to you and pick up the goods. The bonus here is you get an excuse to drop in on your lol baker, butcher, deli, or cooking shop and fully complement your Riverbend Gardens veggies.

      This model builds community. It grows incredible relationships and bolsters a network of food-loving people that want to improve how we think about food. This alleviates distribution pressures and allows us to stay in the fields, where farmers perform best.


      Public Pickup Lotions
      • Acme Meat Market
      • Bon Ton Bakery
      • D'arcy's Meat Market (St Albert)
      • D'arcy's Meat Market (Whitemud Crossing)
      • Confetti Sweets (Sherwood Park)
      • Cloud kes by Auntie Lou
      • Get Cooking
      • Highlands Community League
      • Town Square Brewing
      • Little Brick
      • Remedy fe (Terwillegar)
      • Remedy fe (109st Lotion)
      • Vines - Riverbend Wine Merchant
      School Fundraiser Pickup Lotions
      Employee-only Pickup Lotions
      How does it work?

      So how does this work?
      What makes it so great?

      1. We spend the spring planting & growing your veggies.

      2. Once season starts, each Wednesday we pick & harvest the best of our available crops.

      3. The same afternoon & Thursday morning we pack our trucks.

      4. We get these veggies delivered to the pick-up lotions on Thursday.

      5. You pick up the freshest veggies in town!

      6. Each week we send an email with updates on the fields, recipes for your more unique veggies, and other features.

      Available for full season or bi-weekly:

      Bi-weekly Bounty

      at least $34/bounty of veggies

      • usually 2 staple veggies
        (potatoes and rrots)
        3-6 short-season veggies
      Bi-weekly (7 weeks)



      Smaller Bounty

      at least $25/week of veggies

      • alternating staple veggies every week
        (potatoes and rrots)
        3-4 short-season veggies
      Full Season (14 Weeks)



      Bigger Bounty

      at least $34/week of veggies

      • usually 2 staple veggies
        (potatoes and rrots)
        3-6 short-season veggies
      Full Season (14 Weeks)



      Season expectations

      The Bigger CSA will always be at least $34/week worth of veggies and the Smaller will always be at least $25/week. This means our bounty sizes stay pretty consistent throughout the CSA rather than increasing and decreasing with the growing season.

      Variety expectations

      The variety fluctuates depending on weather and crop ripeness. If you want to know what you could expect in your weekly bounty, check out this chart which details a past season week by week!

      The Bigger bounty will typilly have 2lbs of rrots and potatoes every week, while the Smaller bounty typilly alternates rrots and potatoes every week.

      FYI: The CSA is the most cost-effective way to access our veggies!